February 6. 1895 -- August 16, 1948

Great Player Ever Lived

Babe Ruth is often referred to as the greatest baseball player who ever lived. In 22 seasons, Babe Ruth hit a record 714 home runs. Many of Babe Ruth's numerous records for both pitching and hitting lasted for decades.

Nick Names

George Herman Ruth Jr., Sultan of Swat, the Home Run King, Bambino, the Babe

The autographed ball

Bill Smallshad a ball signed by Babe Ruth. He kept it in his trophy room. When he went out for work, Scott took his ball and went to play. Eventually, he hit it into Mr. Mertles yard.
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The ball after herucles spit

He and his team then started various struggles to get the ball .

Bennys Dream

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The babe in the dream

Benny was extremely passionate about the babe. When he got into the biggest pickle . Babe Ruth came in his dream . In th
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Before the babe left and said the best quote ever

e dream he was in his room and babe ruth came out from the wardrobe. Babe came and adviced him to jump acroos the hence . And walked towards the wardrobe inside it .And Said" Heroes are always remembered and legends live forever "His words were marked in bennys heart forever .


Babe ruth will truly and always be remembered as a hero.

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