" I Almost forgot . Big Chief ! "

- Weeks

Bertram Grover Week played in the sandlot team in 1962.He always wore spectacles.


Weeks lived in the neighborhood near the sandlot . He lived there until the 1970s . He always wear glasses and a cheques shirt with a hat . He was a good fellow and friendliest among the others. 

The Sandlot Team

Weeks joined the sandlot team led by Rodriguez . He was good at it . He always carried a Packet a Big Chief ( Tobacco ) . He scored a double against philips team . He was amazingly inspired by baseball like others.

Struggle for the ball

He contributed alot to retain the ball from the beast . He gave up all his efforts but failed each time with the rest . He was shocked to see that the beast was a mastiff and started beating squints as all he did. 


After the events of 1962 Weeks contined to live in the sandlot . Bertram got really into the 60's and no one ever saw him again .