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Hercules (better known as The Beast) is the main antagonist-turned-supporting character in The Sandlot. The legend of the beast is about a giant Gorilla-dog that ate someone. His owner,  Mr. Mertle, had to lock him in his backyard for forever after.

The Legend of the Beast

The uproar began when Michael "Squints" Palledorous started the rumor of the the beast, according to his piece of story, the beast once ate an enormous pile of flesh and became a giant. He killed anyone who broke into the junkyard. When the people called for the policeman (his grandfather), he decided that he should be locked forever. Ham Porter once said that the beast ate a kid in the backyard, because of these stories, the legend of the beast haunted the sandlot kids and none dared to cross and jump the fence.

the imagination of the beast

Tussle for the ball

Hercules during the tussle

When the sandlot gang tried to get back the ball that was signed by Babe Ruth himself, the beast seemed to be one step ahead of them. They failed each time against the beast. Benny and others tried their best but the beast demolished all their attacking devices and techniques.

Face off with Benny

They had give up but then Benny came up with an idea probably the bravest idea and decision in his entire life. When Benny, the leader of the gang confronts the dog it turns out to be just a Mastiff named

The Faceoff


There came a great chase and eventually they returned back to Mr. Mertle's backyard when the fence came tumbling down onto Hercules. Scotty and Benny saved him and in return Hercules gave them all of the baseballs he took and buried over the year and a bunch of dog-kisses.

Part of Team

After all the events, he became a part of the team i.e. a substitute who never got to play. He was still there when one by one the team members left the city.

Hercules in his team jersey


Hercules lived up to be something like 199 years old in dog years. It was confirmed that he had a few puppies and one of them named Goliath A.K.A.

The Great Fear challenged the next generation of the sandlot kids ten years after Hercules met the first gang.