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You want a heater  I'll give you the heater

Kenny to Ham . 



Kenny DeNunez was a member of the sandlot team of 1962. He always wore a hat bearing the heaters logo . 


Kenny DeNunez was an African American that lived with his mother, father, sister and brother.

Pitcher And Sandlot 

Kenny joined the sandlot team led by Benny in 1962 . He was the only pitcher on the team and the best in town. He pitched extremely well and helped the team beat the Tigers. 

Ball Fight 

Kenny helped the others to retreive the ball from Mr . Mertles backyard . He caught the vacuum pipe tightly in the struggle, but the pipes ended up breaking anyways.


After his childhood he married and although he did play on several other baseball teams he never made it to nationals. He coached his sons that played for the little league team named The Heaters.