Little League Team are the teams that play little league tournaments and matches . They have always been a fierce rivals of the sandlot gang throughout generations until 1976 when the sandlot team played in the little league tournament for the trophy and afterwards for the sandlot . 

1962 Teams 

By 1962 little league had just one team led by Philips named the Tigers . 

1972 Teams 

The 1972 Team was led by Singleton a fierce player who hated the sandlot gang more than any .His team was the Giants . 


In the year 1976 there were a lot of teams in the little league including the sandlot kids who played in the inaugural little league tournament which was won by the sandlot kids .


  • Squints Pharmacy ( Sandlot kids ) 
  • Sousa's
  • Foss Bros
  • Needman's Team 


It is known that Kenny made a team named the Heaters . His son was made its captain while he coached it .