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Babe Ruth is the greatest player ever lived.

- Mrs. Smalls 

The real name of Mrs. Smalls is not known. She is the mother of Scotty and Johnnie smalls . 

Early Life

Not much is known about her early life. Her first husband and father of Scotty Smalls passed away when Scotty was little. She brought Scotty Smalls up on her own until her second marriage (Bill).

Second Marriage

She married Bill Smalls, a wealthy business man in 1961. In 1962 they moved to a new neighbourhood. She had a key role in framing Bill and Scotty's relationship together. She encouraged Smalls to make friends and go out and get dirty instead of just sitting in his room. She loved her son more than life itself. 

Johnnie Smalls

Later on in 1962, Bill and Mrs. Smalls had a son of their own named Johnnie Buckminister Smalls. He was the half brother of Scotty Smalls.


Scotty's mother talking to him about not staying in his room all summer.

She continued to live happily with her husband and two sons. She also continued to live in the neighborhood, although Bill frequently went out of the city for business meetings.