The Sandlot Wiki

The policy on this wiki will affect everything on this wiki that has to do with pages and blogs. Talk pages may have some rules affected on them, but will not be very strict. This wiki will soon have a warning system if it is approved. Breaking these rules will result in a punishment. Some rules require a low punishment or a high punishment. Editing this page will need to be monitored, as this page needs to be only edited by staff. Suggestions can go in the comment section and may or may not be approved.

1) Do not cuss or put anything inappropriate on the wiki. If you think something you put was or is inappropriate remove it. Do not try to hide it or it will require a larger punishment.

2) Do not argue or flame anybody on this wiki. If somebody does that to you, leave an administrator a message and the administrator will deal with them.

3) Do not disrespect staff or argue with staff. If you violate this rule, you will be punished very harshly, but will be allowed to appeal the block.

4) Do not copy or plagiarize any information from other websites that have information concerning the sandlot. If you violate this rule, you will be blocked.

5) Do not ask for staff or any type of authority ranking. If you violate this rule, you will be blocked for a 2 day span.

6) (Suggested by Bigbrad) Do not offend anybody or judge anybody. This includes racism, feminism, sexism and anything that can offend someone.

Suggest punishments in the comment for the number you think it should be. Please read these rules. Thank you.