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Sandlot is a movie that is inspired by baseball, it was so popular that they made a second one called Sandlot 2.

Sandlot 1 "Smalls" moves into a neighborhood far away from the place he used to call home. He follows the boys one day to the field they normally played at. He got embarrassed because he couldn't throw or catch the ball. Then Benny asks him "Do you want to join the team, we need an extra player?" after the incident. "Smalls" says no and lies that his glove broke and he won't be able to play baseball. So Benny gives him a glove and says come on lets play, and they go to the convenient store to meet the boys. He gets added as the 9th player to the team, which makes the team now qualified with enough players. "Smalls" proves the team wrong by catching a ball, after they said that he was not good enough to join the team. Benny tells him to burn his hat and wear jeans after this and gives him a new hat to wear. The next day, Ham Porter hits a home run and then "Smalls" not knowing that Hercules was behind the gate tried to climb the fence. This led up to a campout in the tree house. This is when "Smalls" realized why he shouldn't have tried to climb the fence. One day, Benny hit the ball so hard that the skin came off of the ball. This surprised the rest of the boys but disappointed Benny because he wanted to continue playing baseball. So "Smalls" thought it was a good idea and grabbed his stepdad's ball which was signed by Babe Ruth. "Smalls hit the ball a home run, but then realized that he was screwed and that his life was over. The boys teamed together and tried multiple times to get the ball back from the beast. Yet all the tries failed until Benny had the dream. After the dream, Benny put on his best shoes and challenged the beast to a face off. Benny ran down through the town trying to get away from the beast. Then the dog caught up to him and bit him in the pants. After Benny jumped over the wall and the dog did, the wall fell on Hercules. So "Smalls" and Benny helped pick Hercules up and that's when Hercules turned nice. Then "Smalls and Benny knocked on the door to tell Mr.Mertle what happened. "Smalls" got grounded for a week after the incident, however "Smalls" and Bill's relationship was good. People started moving away and "Smalls" was the last one to leave.

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