"For-ever, For-ever, For-ever..." 

- Squidman 



Squidman Palledorous was a police chief in the old neighborhood. He was an aggressive police officer .

According to Squints' story, when people reported that thieves had gone missing from Mr. Mertle's junkyard, Chief Palledorous inspected the junkyard and condemned Mr . Mertle's dog, The Beast, as being responsible for those that went missing. He suggested that the beast should retire because of his violent and atrocious behavior. He ordered Mr. Mertle to lock the dog in chains in his backyard forever.

Squidman locking the beast


Chief Squidman Palledorous married and became the grandfather of Michael "Squints" Palledorous. It is believed Squidman died sometime in the 1960s.


Chief Squidman Palledorous was strict in things relating to law and order. He was educated and studied criminal history. His leadership qualities and management skills led him to the post of chief of police. The Beast story marked him as a hero among the kids of The Sandlot, even though it was all just a story made up by Squints.

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