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"For - Ev - Ver,

For - Ev - Ver,

For - Ev - Ver."

- Squints' dialogue after telling the story of the beast.

Michael "Squints" Palledorous is a smart aleck kid who wears glasses with thick black frames and dons a plain black hat. Squints was portrayed by Chauncey Leopardi.

History of Squints Palledorous

Squints is the grandson of Squidman Palledorous, a former police chief that told him the legend of the meanest old man that ever lived and the Beast (just a joke). He was brought up in the neighborhood near the sandlot.

Significance in the film

Squints was the teammate who told everyone about the beast's story. His grandfather or father might have told this story to him in order to scare him. Squints told Scotty about the beast at the tree house with the rest of the team. He believed in the beast until the truth came out.

Struggle for the signed ball

Squints had an equal part in the struggle with the rest of the crew. He gave his best effort, but always failed as everyone did. He was amazed when he saw the mastiff ( Hercules ), which he thought to be a giant beast and when everyone found that Mr. Mertle was not rude and evil, they physically attacked Squints.

1976 events

Squints and Tommy Santorelli.

By 1976, Squints is now the owner of the Squints' Pharmacy. He also officially sponsored the Sandlot team. Together he and Benny co-coach the sandlot baseball team. The team finally won the last battle for the sandlot.