Hello, it's Josh here, I would like to state something about staff requests. If you apply for staff follow this application and make a comment below. If you fail to apply with what we are looking for then you will be denied.

1) Name (wiki name)

Please state your wiki name not your actual name

2) Date

Stare the date you are applying for the position

3) State Reasons why you should be staff

Do not put that you just joined today and expect the rank, there will be qualifications for a rank. State obvious and legit reasons why you should be staff. Don't say you should be staff because you edit tell us what you can do to help the wiki.

4) State all the edits you have done

Give me a number for all the edits you have done.

5) Tell us what pages you have done

State all the pages you have done or work on. This means that you have edited the page at least 1 time.

6) Tell us about your favorite sandlot character

This doesn't count in the application but we would like to know who your favorite sandlot character!

This is the staff application for the wiki, this is how it should be setup. If it doesn't apply with our standards then it will be denied. You must also be active! Also putting false information and bogus lies will result in an automatic decline and a block for 3 days.