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The Challenge is a scene from The Sandlot.


Squints goes "Oh no!" just to pay attention to the other kids. Ham drops his glove angrily and walks up to the bullies along with the others. They start arguing about different subjects. Ham yells out that Philips plays ball like a girl. Silence occurs. "What did you say?" says Philips as he is shocked. Ham says "You heard me!". Philips tells Ham and the "rejects" to come by to his field the next day at noon. "Count on it, pee-drinking crap face!" says Ham angrily. The bullies leave.

The Next Day, the game starts. Ham says that it better be a short game because he had to get home for lunch. "Ha! That's one!" Next kid, "You know if my dog was as ugly as you, I'd shave his butt and tell it to walk backwards" Third Kid, "Strike Three, you're out!" Fourth Kid, Ham tells that Philip's sister is out in left field naked. Phillips goes angry. "Shut up, Porter!" They start playing baseball. Ham gets first bat. Then Bertram, Kenny, Squints, Scotty, Yeah-Yeah, Tommy, and Timmy. Benny hits the ball. He runs around the baseball field. That's the end of The Challenge scene.