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Sandlot Forever

Pledge to live with the inaugural team of sandlot

The Next Generation

Live the next generation of sandlot

The Final Showdown

Don't drop your tears. Remember heroes are always remembered and legends live forever.

Sandlot ( 1962 ) Characters

Legacy and Love

The Sandlot is all about The kids who loved baseball more than their life but each generation must face the danger in form of beasts to continue their play and solve their problems and to defeat their fear. This movie teaches us all a lesson of courage, will power and passion.

As Babe Ruth once said: Heroes are always remembered and legends live forever.


Sandlot is a trilogy of:

The Sandlot It is the first of the series. It features the events of 1962 and prior to it.

The Sandlot 2 It is a sequel to the Sandlot and describes the events after 1962 and mainly is based on 1972.

The Sandlot - Heading Home The finale of the series and tells about the events of 1976 and 2000s.


°1962 Generation - Where it all started. - See Sandlot 1962 Characters

°1972 Generation - A creative generation, full of mind boggling thoughts and ideas. -Sandlot 1972 Characters

°1976 Generation - A generation that changed the world itself. - Sandlot 1976 Characters

Legendary Quote

It's hard to beat a person who doesn't give up. - Babe Ruth

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