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Tommy Repeat Timmons

Tommy Repeat Timmons is a former member of the 1962 baseball team led by Benny Rodriguez .He is repetitive brother of Timmy Timmons . 


Tommy lived in the neigbourhood of 1962 . He was the younger brother of Timmy Timmons . Tommy was named as Tommy ' Repeat ' Timmons as he repeated every word of his brother . In the end making Timmy furious . 

Sandlot Team

Tommy joined the sandlot team along with his brother . He played an average game as he was the youngest player in  the team . He made alot of fun of Small with the others when he began to play baseball. 

Struggle For The Ball

Tommy struggled alot for the ball and its retrival from the backyard but ending up failing as the whole team did . Tommy caught the pipe in the vacuum mission and the long wooden stick one . He was suprised to see that the beast was actually a mastiff . 

Career And Aftermath 

Along with his brother he continued to live in the neighbourhood . He and his brother became famous architects as they loved it . They started building prefabricated tree houses and play ground equipment They constructed and designed mini malls and became multimillionaries .

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