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"YOU LITTLE PERVERT!" - Wendy Peffercorn to Squints Palledorous.

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Wendy Perffercorn is a minor character in the 1993 film, The Sandlot. She is the love interest of Squints Palledorous.

The Local Pool Incident

Wendy was the lifeguard at the local pool in the neighborhood, and she caught the attention of a young boy named Squints. Devising a plan to trick her, Squints jumped into the deep end of the pool, despite not knowing how to swim, forcing Wendy to save him. Wendy preformed artificial respiration on Squints, however, it turned out that he was conscious the entire time, and pulled Wendy into a kiss the next time she gave him her last breath. Furious, she called him a pervert and kicked him out of the pool, banning him and his friends for life. Although still quite angry, she came to understand that he had feelings for her, and according to Scotty, she always smiled at Squints every time they passed by the pool. This implied that she had developed romantic feelings for him as well.


Scotty revealed that Wendy had married Squints and had nine children with him.